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iPod Nano Wristwatch – A Success Story

Regular readers of this site will be aware that we are fans of the website Kickstater. This site allows people like you and I to crowd source funding for our brilliant ideas.

If it wasn’t for Kickstarter and a crowd of people who funded close to $1 Million (the original funding requirement was $15,000!) then the awesome TikTok and LunaTik iPod Nano Watch Straps would probably not have been made.

Prior to the Kickstarter funding drive Scott Wilson, the designer of the watch straps, was having difficulty getting anyone to help him manufacture is new accessory.

The Lessons

For me the lesson with this story is to follow what you believe in. Scott could have given up after being rejected by manufacturing companies; after all they understand the market, right?

The second lesson is to find a simple way to test the market. Kickstarter allowed Scott the opportunity to put his idea out there to see what would come back. Well, he certainly got his message – all $1 Million of it!