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Drive an Ariel Atom…Fast!

There was a time when the British motor industry was great. There has also been a time when it was dreadful.

It seems the sun may yet shine on British made cars again – the Ariel Atom is one such example.

However, at a starting price of $50,000 this niche handmade sports car might not be in everyone’s budget. If that’s the case then you’ll be thrilled to know that the US producer of the Atom, in conjunction with Virginia International Raceway are offering race days using the new Atom 3!

That’s right, from 30 April 2011 you can let loose in one of these little beauties!

Find out all about it here but be quick spaces are filling fast!

Here’s the specs just in case you need any more encouragement:0-60 in just under 3 sec0-100-0 in just under 11 sec

7.0 lbs/bhp (200 bhp)

5.6 lbs/bhp (245 bhp)

4.6 lbs/bhp (300 bhp)

Engine: 09 Honda K20

Transmission: 6-Speed