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Titanium Bike Lock

You know the feeling – you step outside and your wheels have gone. Yep, some a-hole has cut through your lock and stolen your bicycle.

So what do you do?

After replacing your bike you get a monster lock – probably one of those kryptonite ones. That’s right, you are now carrying around an extra couple of kilos of security.

John Loughlin is one of those people that likes to invent bike locks. Yes, there are people that like to invent bike locks.

This time he seems to have come up with a winner. The TiGr is made of titanium and weighs in at 406 g to 670 g.

Invest in its Development

The lock, which is a prototype at the moment, has been through extensive real world testing and is now ready for a full production run. To raise the $37,500 required for the next stage of development John has created a project on Kickstarter.

You can become a partner in the development of this great product. Inject from $1 to $500 and not only will you help to realise this great bike lock but you’ll also receive a whole host of goodies as well.